We work with at-risk youth to improve their lives by providing scholarships for training in esports, to assist them in obtaining scholarships attend to Fresno State and other Universities offering higher education for esports scholastic athletes.

Our mission is to end cycle of poverty that at risk youth live with and create a path to higher education, good careers and become productive members of our community through esports.


Through our targeted training curriculum, our coaches guide students to help build life skills as well as in business. 

We have teamed up with Gamers College to Provide an Esports training program that is focused on improving not only gaming skills, but social and career skills, as well as focusing on the over all mental health of the students.

Our Mission

Suncross Foundation mission is to provide relief and assistance to, and improve the quality of life for, children affected by poverty, emergencies, or health issues in the United States, using competitive video gaming as a platform to support our cause.