We facilitate and provide support services for esports programs for schools, colleges and other organizations with the tools necessary to manage esports programs from setting up teams and practices and coaching

Work with esports program expert consultants in developing the youth in your schools.

Why Esports?

Many colleges and universities around the United States are giving scholarships to students that excel in Esports. These universities have their own youth development programs and Esports teams that compete on collegiate level.

Esports requires a tremendous amount of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity from players to achieve and sustain success.

It reaches beyond traditional sports to create an all-inclusive environment that breaks barriers.

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    Martin Lukas

    Esports coach

    “Esports has given me a chance to come out of my shell and make friends through one of my favorite pastimes. It has brought me confidence in my abilities that I hope with continue to grow.”

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    Gamers Career College has developed its program for over 8 years. We are proud to be the most comprehensive esport training facility. Our high-performance training program was developed around a curriculum that was in collaboration with international esport athletes, coaches, sports psychologists, and other industry experts.

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